1 ST SPECIAL CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW                         6-6-2004                  JUDGE:- MRS LOES MOUCHART (NETHERLANDS)

BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW                                         LANDMASTER IN THE GETTO                                                B & C REDHEAD

RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW                                 CH BLUERANCH PIXIE MAGIC                                                A, J & P WOODS

DOG CHALLENGE                                                   CH MYSTAR FUZZY BEAR                                                       M. PRICE

BITCH CHALLENGE                                                 LANDMASTER IN THE GETTO                                                B & C REDHEAD

BABY PUPPY IN SHOW                                           PUREHEEL ROYAL JAZMIN                                                    A & R SPARGO

RUNNER UP BABY IN SHOW                                  PUREHEELROYAL VENDETTA                                               A & R SPARGO

MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW                                        AUSTRALMAC BLUE STAR                                                      MRS H. DICKSON

PUPPY IN SHOW                                                     TALLAWONG SNOW DRIFT                                                      J & S SCHOLES

JUNIOR IN SHOW                                                    PUREHEEL ROYAL WARNING                                                 A & R SPARGO

INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW                                       LANDMASTER IN THE GETTO                                                 B & C REDHEAD

AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW                                CH MYSTAR FUZZY BEAR                                                       M. PRICE

OPEN IN SHOW                                                       GR CH JASETPARK OPAL COSMO                                         B & C REDHEAD

  2 ND SPECIAL CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW                               29-5-2005                                       JUDGE:- MRS D NORMAN (QLD)

BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW                                         CH AUSTHEEL MISTER UNIVERSE                                    M & M TURNER

RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW                                 PUREHEEL ROYAL CURRENCY                                          A, J & P WOODS

DOG CHALLENGE                                                  CH AUSTHEEL MISTER UNIVERSE                                      M & M TURNER 

BITCH CHALLENGE                                                PUREHEEL ROYAL CURRENCY                                           A, J & P WOODS

BABY PUPPY IN SHOW                                          MARYHEATHER WILD HONEY                                             D MURPHY

RUNNER UP BABY IN SHOW                                 PUREHEEL ROYAL ALLIANCE                                             K.BLANDTHORN

MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW                                       TALLAWONG SNOW BLOSSOM                                           MRS K. DICKSON

PUPPY IN SHOW                                                    COLONYDANE MYTIMETOTANGO                                       M & M STAPLETON

JUNIOR IN SHOW                                                   PUREHEEL ROYAL VENDETTA                                            A & R SPARGO

INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW                                      PUREHEEL ROYAL CURRENCY                                          A, J & P WOODS

AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW                               CH AUSTHEEL MISTER UNIVERSE                                     M & M TURNER

OPEN IN SHOW                                                      CH NERRALEE KISS THIS                                                    W & L GREASLEY


   3 RD SPECIAL CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW                                4-6-2006               JUDGE:- MRS ANNE HUTCHISON (SCOTLAND)

BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW                                     PUREHEEL ROYAL WARRIOR                                          A & R SPARGO

RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW                              CH NERRALEE KISS THIS                                                 W & L GREASLEY

DOG CHALLENGE                                               PUREHEEL ROYAL WARRIOR                                          A & R SPARGO

BITCH CHALLENGE                                            TALLAWONG SNOW BLOSSOM                                        MRS H DICKSON

BABY PUPPY IN SHOW                                      LANDMASTER ALOHA HAWAII                                          B & C REDHEAD

RUNNER UP BABY IN SHOW                              PUREHEEL ROYAL BLAYDE                                             A & R SPARGO

MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW                                    NERRALEE BLUE JASMIN                                                 W & L GREASLEY

PUPPY IN SHOW                                                STRATHBLUE RAZZLE DAZZLE                                        MS K. ARTHUR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     JUNIOR IN SHOW                                               PUREHEEL ROYAL WARRIOR                                            A & R SPARGO

INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW                                   TALLAWONG SNOW BLOSSOM                                        MRS H. DICKSON

AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW                            CH NERRALEE KISS THIS                                                  W & L GREASLEY

OPEN IN SHOW                                                  CH STRATHBLUE AUSSIE LORD                                        S & J SCHOLES


    4 TH  SPECIAL CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW                            18-3-2007                             JUDGE:- Mrs EUNICE WARNER (VIC)

BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW                                       CH AUSTHEEL MISS MUFFET                                          M & M TURNER

RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW                               GRAND CH MENORABLUE LEGEND                                 MR D MURPHY

DOG CHALLENGE                                                 GRAND CH MENORABLUE LEGEND                                 MR D MURPHY

BITCH CHALLENGE                                              CH AUSTHEEL MISS MUFFET                                          M & M TURNER

BABY PUPPY IN SHOW                                        LANBART ROYAL CHARM                                                A & R SPARGO   

RUNNER UP BABY IN SHOW                               NO ENTRY

MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW                                     MARYHEATHER RED ROBBIN                                          MR D MURPHY

PUPPY IN SHOW                                                 AVONPARK GOLDMINOR                                                MISS K FISHER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      JUNIOR IN SHOW                                                 DEVONVIEW TAMIE                                                         E & L SOPER

INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW                                     PUREHEEL ROYAL WARRIOR                                         A & R SPARGO

AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW                             CH AUSTHEEL MISTER MUSCLE                                      M & M TURNER

OPEN IN SHOW                                                  CH AUSTHEEL MISS MUFFET                                           M & M TURNER                            

VETERAN IN SHOW                                  GRAND CH MENORABLUE LEGEND                                  MR D MURPHY         

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