PRESIDENT-: Jean Purcell, PHONE 0412 327 133,               EMAIL- [email protected] 

SECRETARY-: Deb Thorne, PHONE- 04022 03294                EMAIL- [email protected] 

TREASURER-  Jo Eades  Phone-     0407096734                  Email- [email protected]

PUPPY SALES-: Chris Strandly, PHONE- 98375989,              EMAIL- [email protected]  

TROPHY PERSON-: Secretary Deb Thorne Details as above

Puppy Sales also Via Deb Thorne.

Please send all relevant paperwork to the above person ASAP as the trophy`s are handed out on the day of our Champ Show.  

For puppy/older dog enquiries contact Chris Strandly, It only costs $10 for you to register your litter or an older dog with the Club, contact Chris Strandly if you would like to do that, all other enquiries contact secretary.


The Schedule for our 2018 open show, is now available for entries via Showmanager.

Members are invited to LIKE our Facebook page, this site carries all up to date information.

Club members with litters, can also be contacted via our F/B page, No Prices will be displayed.


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